Thessaloniki's Urban Mobility Center
Thessaloniki's Intelligent Urban Mobility Management System

Thessaloniki's Intelligent Urban Mobility Management System is a unified effort of the key players of the city dealing with urban mobility, transport and environment.

The system aims, through the services provided, to help travelers move around the city easily avoiding the traffic congested areas and also to raise the environmental public consciousness and to promote public transportation and alternative ways of transport (walking, cycling).
At the same time, through intelligent traffic management and control in the central area of Thessaloniki, the system aims to reduce the negative influence of the gaseous pollutants. The direct involvement of citizens in planning their trips will give them the right and the opportunity to actively contribute to the improvement of the environmental quality of the city.
Finally, through special urban mobility training programs that the system provides, a new culture for urban mobility is formed in the city.
The Intelligent system is divided into two separate service Centers which act complementary and parallel:

• The Center for Urban Mobility
The Traffic Control Center

Thessaloniki's Urban Mobility Center

Mobility Planning Services

Car Routing: Private car routing based on the fastest or the shortest route. The total travel time is being estimated using real time traffic conditions of the road network of the city.
Environmentally Friendly Routing: Provision of the route in which the traveler is less exposed to environmental pollutants using his/her private car and also the most fuel efficient route based on the minimization of the fuel consumption.
Trip Routing using Public Transport Means: Provision of the most optimal route using the public transport means of the city of Thessaloniki.
Combined Transport Routing: Provision of optimal routing combining the use of private car and Public Transort in different legs of the same trip.This service is dedicated for trips originated from outside areas of the Thessaloniki agglomeration region and ends at central urban areas. The final solutions consist of a car routing trip leg from trip origin to a bus terminal that provides parking slots and a public transport trip leg from the terminal to the final destination.
Pedestrian Routing: Routing based on the shortest and safest route for on foot trips.

Traveller Information Services

Traffic condition of the road network: Information concerning real time traffic conditions of the road network.
Public Transport Information: Information related to routes, timetables and stop areas of public transport.
Environmental Impact: Information about daily air quality (provided by Thessaloniki Municipality's Environmental Department) and real time environmental impact due to traffic condition of the road network.
Points of Interest: Information on points of interest of Thessaloniki's Agglomeration concerning tourism and everyday life of the city (sights, public services, sports facilities, etc).

Mobility Awareness Services

Getting familiar with Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM): Acquaintance with the concept of Sustainable Mobility and promotion of the use of more environmentally friendly ways of travelling.